About The Cloud Chemist

The Cloud Chemist aims to provide vapers with delicious e-juice as an alternative to smoking. Our goal is to offer e-juice which is made with the highest quality ingredients at a reasonable price.
Who We Are
The Cloud Chemist is proud to be a four time award winning 'Mom and Pop' e-juice business, owned by a husband and wife. The Cloud Chemist is a Long Island, New York based company established in the spring of 2016.
How We Got Started
The Cloud Chemist was created by Pat, who started out as a diy mixer after he
quit smoking. Pat spent his evenings after his day job developing and refining his palette in search of the perfect flavor, after many months he finally developed the first three flavors ( strata cookie: Italian rainbow cookie, drupe scoop: vanilla almond ice cream bar, and the two time award winning, cereal science: berry corn cereal.) which would quickly become The Cloud Chemist e-juice and his full time passion.
After the creation and popularity of cereal science Pat, went back to the drawing board to create many more cereal flavors, to fill a gap that he saw in the e-juice market, his personal and his friends juice collections. Pat has worked tirelessly to grow The Cloud Chemist from a hobby, which he shared with friends and family, into a company where he is able to share his passion for high quality flavors with the world.
Best in Savory NVE Foxwoods 2017- Cereal Science
Best in Show NVE Foxwoods 2017- Cereal Science
Best in Cereal Vapor Showcase Charlotte 2018- Frosty Science Strawberry
Best in Cereal NVE Mohegan Sun 2019- Heisenberry Crunch